International Vocal Competition

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Shenyun Performing Arts World Tour

Shenyun Chorus 2009

October 19th - 21st, 2012; New York City, U.S.A.

Winners Announced for
The 6th Annual “International Vocal Competition”

Female Division:
Gold Award: Iaia Hanying Tso (Taiwan).
Silver Award: Azusa Dodo (Japan)
Bronze Award: Cordelia Hanus (Germany), Jennifer O'Loughlin (USA).
Honorable Mentions: Liudmila Zhiltsova (Russia), Ngai-Tung Tiffany Lau (Hong Kong), Yun Cindy Zhang (Canada), Wen Yu Lin (Argentin), Zhi Zhang (China), Jeannie Chiang (Taiwan), Jamila Sockwell (USA).

Male Division:
Gold Award: Mario Zhang (Canada)
Silver Award: Markus Max Prodinger (Austria)
Bronze Award: Tim Augustin (USA), Wei Han Tan (Malaysia)

Jamila Sockwell from USA also received award from Sicily Opera Academy (SOA, Italy) for four days' study and performance sponsored by SOA.

2012 Intl Vocal Competition - Award Ceremony


Finalist of
6th Annual “International Vocal Competition”

17 contestants stand out from the semi-finals held on October 20th, 2012 in Hunter College, New York.

Male Division: Wei Han Tan, Mario Zhang, Markus Max Prodinger, Nicholas Wiggins, Tim Augustin.

Female Division: Jeannie Chiang, Ngai-Tung Tiffany Lau, Yun Cindy Zhang, Liudmila Zhiltsova, Jennifer O'Loughlin, Jamila Sockwell, Iaia Hanying Tso, Wen Yu Lin, Jiyoung Lee, Zhi Zhang, Cordelia Hanus, Azusa Dodo.

The above contestants will compete in the finals tomorrow at Carnegie Hall in New York city.


Semi-Finalist of
6th Annual “International Vocal Competition”

30 contestants stand out from the preliminaries (North America Region) held on October 19th, 2012 in Hunter College, New York.

Male Division: Wei Han Tan, Fang-Hung Chuan, Markus Max Prodinger, Stephen Mullan, Tim Augustin, Nicholas Wiggins, Mario Zhang.

Female Division: Jeannie Chiang, Ngai-Tung Tiffany Lau, Ting-Chi Ko, Ting-Chun Chen, Pei-Chuan Wu, Ying-ying Chang, Yu-Ching Hung, Wen Yu Lin, Jie Peters, Zhi Zhang, Lorna Case, Elisa Cordova, Chen Yu, Viktoriya Bright, Azusa Dodo, Yun Cindy Zhang, Shirley Wang, Iaia Hanying Tso, Jiyoung Lee, Cordelia Hanus, Liudmila Zhiltsova, Jamila Sockwell, Jennifer O'Loughlin.


Above contestants together with 9 others from preliminaries of Asia-Pacific Region enter the semi-finals that to be held on the October 20th in Hunter College.


Marcello Giordani partners with NTD's Vocal Competition at Stern Auditorium /Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall

Marcello GiordaniOne of the biggest voices in opera today is partnering with New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD). Marcello Giordani, the Italian tenor considered by Opera News to be "arguably, the greatest leading tenor of his generation," has sung in over 170 performances at the New York Metropolitan Opera over the past 20 years. During the 2011-2012 season, Mr. Giordani starred in no less than eight productions at the Metropolitan Opera and other top European and American opera houses.

And on October 21, he will sing in NTD's International Vocal Competition Concert at Carnegie Hall. After the final round of NTD's 6th International Vocal Competition, Mr. Giordani will join the selected young vocal artists in a concert, and perform three classic operatic arias including Nessun Dorma. He will also present awards at the Competition's award ceremony.

The mission of the NTD Television International Vocal Competition is to revive traditional vocal arts and help talented young artists, who dedicated themselves in this field, to have a world stage to perform. We hope more people could come to the concert, to support and encourage the dedication of these exceptional artists," said Lijuan Nania, Vice President and Director of Global Competition Series at NTD Television.

The vocal competition is part of a series of nine different competitions NTD holds to promote cultural understanding between the East and West. This year, NTD's Vocal Competition will be open to non-Chinese vocalists for the first time. Opera singers from around the world will have to perform not only the greatest operatic works in Italian, French, or German, but also sing a classical Chinese song. Currently, the contest is still accepting participant registration.

NTD Television International Vocal Competition Concert at Stern Auditorium /Perelman Stage, Carnegie Hall
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM, October 21st, 2012
881 7th Ave, New York, NY

2012 NTD Television
6th International Vocal Competition
Accepting Registration

Video displays here

The New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD Television) "International Vocal Competition" is one in a series of international cultural and arts events sponsored by NTD Television. The aim of this competition is to promote traditional vocal arts of pure authenticity, pure goodness, and pure beauty, and provide a world-class arena for all vocalists to showcase their talents.

The competition will consist of three rounds: Preliminaries, Semi-Finals, and Finals:

  • Preliminaries:
    - Asia-Pacific Region: August, 19th, 2012. Fu Zhou Auditorium at National Taiwan University of Arts (No.59, Sec. 1, Daguan Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan).
    - North America Region: October 19th, 2012. New York, USA (details will be posted on the competition website).
  • Semi Finals: October 20th, 2012. New York, USA.
  • Finals, Award Ceremony, and “NTD Television International Vocal Competition Concert”: October 21st, 2012. Stern Auditorium /Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall, New York, USA.

The competition places one Gold Award (US$10,000), one Silver Award (US$3,000) and two Bronze Awards (US$1,000) for each Division of Male and Female. Honorable Mention Awards will also be presented to outstanding contestants. Gold Award winners will be invited to perform at the "NTD Television International Vocal Competition Concert" at Carnegie Hall in New York.

The registration for participation is in progress. All eligible contestants are welcome to register. Please read the Rules and Regulations for more details.

NTD Television International Vocal Competition Organization Committee
January 27th, 2012

The Fifth NTD Television Chinese International Vocal Competition Award Winners


Chinese vocalists competed fiercely for big prizes in NTD's Fifth Annual International Chinese Vocal Competition at Carnegie Hall on October 30. Taking the Gold prize of ten thousand dollars was I-Chun Cheng, a Taiwanese soprano living in New York. Wen-Yu Lin from Argentina walked away with Silver. Four contestants won the Bronze prize. In addition, four singers were selected to receive scholarships to study at master classes in Italy. These scholarships were offered by the Florence Opera Academy and Sicilia Opera Academy to encourage the preservation and promotion of classical vocal arts.

After the conclusion of the competition, many of this year and past years' contestants performed in a recital in Carnegie Hall. One of the world's most renowned Belcanto soprano Lucia Aliberti performed alongside the performers and wowed the audience with her seemingly effortless lyricism and range. In the award ceremony, La Scala's casting director Ilias Tzempetonidis was among the award presenters. Madame Aliberti also conducted master classes for the contestants on October 29.

Gold Award:

Silver Award:
WEN YU LIN, Soprano

Bronze Award:
EMMA DING, Mezzo-soprano

Honorary Mention:
XING LAN, Mezzo-soprano
JINSHI WU, Soprano
JIE XIN, Soprano
HSIN WU, Soprano
JIA IN, Bass
JASON FUH, Baritone

Florence Opera Academy Scholarship Recipients:
HSIN WU, Soprano
SZU-YU CHU, Soprano

Sicilia Opera Academy Scholarship Recipient: